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Dr. Karthik M Selvaraj

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Dr. Karthik M Selvaraj

Dr. Karthik M Selvaraj completed MBBS., from the prestigious Government Stanley Medical College, Chennai. He did his MS Ortho from All India Institute of Medical Sciences, the premier Post Graduate Training Institute of India. He worked as a senior Resident at AIIMS and the JPN Apex Trauma Centre affiliated to it. At AIIMS Dr.Karthik received expert training in the care of Orthopeadic trauma patients as well as Joint Reconstruction Arthroscopy Hand Surgery and Sports Medicine.

Dr. Karthik M Selvaraj

He then worked in Christ Church Hospital, New Zealand as a shoulder Fellow. He gained experience in the assessment and management of injuries in the upper limb. He did another Upper Limb Fellowship program in Wiakato Hospital, Hamilton, New Zealand. Dr. Karthik then left for Adelaide, Australia and worked at Flinders Medical Centre as a Fellow in Trauma and Joint Reconstruction. He received advance training in Trauma and Replacement surgeries at Adelaide. He was selected to work as an advance trauma fellow at the Alfred Hospital, Melbourne. Alfred Hospital is the leading Level Three Trauma Centre of Australia, which receives maximum number of polytrauma patients.

He was trained in pelviacetabular trauma at Alfred Hospital.His special interests include shoulder and elbow surgery, arthroscopy and sports medicine. He routinely performs shoulder and elbow arthroscopies, Upper limb fracture surgery and Shoulder and Elbow replacement surgeries.

He is also a sports enthusiast, a keen swimmer, a certified scuba diver and a cyclist.


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