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I can walk without any pain

I’m Krishnamoorthy aged 82. I had pain in both knees. Compared to all the other hospitals, I feel Ortho-One is the best. My family members were treated at Ortho-One and all are fine now. I was operated by Dr.Sreeramalingam on June 12th for my Spine problem and I am much satisfied.
Dr. Yuvarajan advised Knee Replacement for both my knees. On the 13th of October, my right knee was operated and the next day my left knee was operated. I am very happy that I can walk without any discomfort. All services rendered by Ortho-One are excellent. More specifically restrooms were clean and tidy. Nurses were available all the time and for immediate assistance whenever required. They never showed any signs of frustration even though they worked long hours due to Covid-19. Doctors were very friendly and cleared all my doubts and Dr. Yuvarajan was down to earth and polite. All strict safety measures have been taken for Covid–19. My overall experience with Ortho-One was excellent.

Partial Knee Replacement

Mrs. Maragatham (Name changed), a 50-year-old woman came to Ortho-One with severe pain in her right knee which affected her day to day activities. She could not walk more than 500 meters nor use the Indian toilet or sit cross-legged and had pain while at rest and at night. Evaluated and diagnosed at Ortho-One with isolated anteromedial bone osteoarthritis, she underwent partial knee replacement, performed by Dr. Yuvarajan. Full weight bearing mobilisation was carried out on the same day as the surgery. She was able to climb the stairs on the day after the surgery and discharged on the very next day. Her pain was managed with multimodal therapy experiencing excellent post-surgery pain relief. Mrs Maragatham recovered very well with a good functional outcome. Partial Knee Replacement can be a good solution for isolated medial osteoarthritis with an added advantage of early recovery with rehab. The knee feels almost as good as before, since all the ligaments are preserved. Mr. Ganesan – HOD of Physiotherapy and his team played a major role in my recovery.

Pole Vaulter narrates her journey from injury,on the field, and back to the field competition, and onto the podium

My name is Baranica. I am a 23 year old pole vaulter from Chennai. In February 2019, during a tournament I suffered injury owing to a fall, experiencing severe pain. Though I had the option of Hospitals in Chennai, I was recommended to Ortho-One hospital in Coimbatore by my coach and friends. Dr.Santosh Sahanand diagnosed and advised ACL surgery. I underwent surgery immediately and was discharged within 3 days. Mr. Ganesan – HOD of Physiotherapy and his team played a major role in my recovery. Within 6 months of my surgery, I participated in a Tournament and won the Mangalore University Gold Medal. Within 8 months of surgery, I took part in the All India Inter University Meet and won the Bronze Medal. Furthermore I won the CM Trophy Gold Medal and KHELO India Silver Medal.

In Feb 2020, 11 months post surgery, I participated in the Southern Railway Trail and achieved my personal best of 3.90 metres and am now employed by the Southern Railways.

I can do my fishing chores again

Mr. Mohammed Moosa, aged 65 from Maldives says, “I have been suffering from severe shoulder pain for more than 3 to 4 years and unable to lift my left hand or do any of my daily activities. It was swollen.  I am basically a fisherman and the pain could have started due to my routine work.  I visited many hospitals and the solution to my problem was unsatisfactory. I came to hear that Dr. David Rajan is a pioneer and expert physician in Arthroscopy, so I was motivated to visit Ortho-One for treatment. I was directed to Dr. Shyam Sundar instead, who then diagnosed me and  advised me to take an MRI scan. Upon seeing the MRI I was advised to undergo an arthroscopic surgery in order to get rid of my pain.

I accepted to opt for surgery and was admitted on 23rd January. The surgery was done on the same day. I was discharged on 25th and free of pain.The surgery has been done so efficiently that it leaves just a small scar that is hardly noticeable.  I am very happy and satisfied.

The hospital ambiance was too good and I felt home away from home. The doctors, staff nurse and all the staff members at Ortho-One were so patient and friendly. I thank Ortho-One and the entire team.

Back to right knee stability after ACL revision

I, J.Abdul Saleem, tore my ACL second time after 7 years from my first surgery. ACL revision was done by Dr.David Rajan and I started back to walk in 3 weeks. Got good treatment, timely response from the doctors team during hospitalisation and reviews. Excellent recovery instructions from physio team too. Thanks.

Car Enthusiast

Mr.Rajasekar, 53 years old, a car enthusiast who lives in Coimbatore, has this interesting testimony of his car journey which he undertook in 2018.

“In 2014, I had a fall from my motorcycle and injured my left leg. With severe pain I came to Ortho-One and consulted Dr. David Rajan. He advised me to undergo ACLR.  The surgery was carried out by Dr. David Rajan and Dr. Santosh Sahanand.  Post surgery, I was advised Physiotheraphy.  Mr. Ganesan patiently taught me all the exercises.  I was back to normal within a few months of surgery.   I am now a regular visitor to Ortho-One for exercises.

On 15th April, 2018 I started the solo drive in my XUV 500 from Imphal, India and drove through the following countries Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, China, Kyrgysthan, Uzbekisthan, Kazakasthan, Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czezh Republic, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France,  and finally reached UK, London on June 1st, 2018.  I was able to complete the drive without any leg pain.  My ambition was fulfilled.

I am planning for another drive in the near future.  A special big thanks to Dr. David Rajan and team.”

Doctors helped me win “Hurdles”

Ms. Aarthi who underwent a surgery for her tibia fracture by Dr. David V. Rajan and Dr. Santosh Sahanand on November 2016 visited Ortho-One on September 2019 to share her happiness with us.

Ms. Aarthi states “In spite of my busy schedule, I came to Ortho-One to thank the Doctors who enabled me to win my medal.  I recently took part in the Senior State National Athletic Championship meet held on August 2019 in Vahini PAC Ground, Lucknow and won a Silver Medal in the 400 Meter Hurdles. On August 2019, I also took part in The Tamil Nadu Senior State Athletic Championship held at Anna Stadium, Trichy, and created a new record in the 400 Meter Hurdles and won a Gold medal.  I was able to finish my run in 1.0073 seconds.  I also took part in 4*100 Meter Relay and 4*400 Meter Relay and won the third place. I never thought that I will be able to run after my surgery. I am always thankful to David Sir and Santosh Sir. My heartfelt thanks to the Physio team too. Next month, I will be participating in the Open Senior National Athletic Championship in Ranchi”

Trekking journey continues

I am Selvakumari, from Coimbatore, a high altitude trekker by passion.  On January 10, 2014  I was admitted to Ortho-One after a two wheeler accident, sustaining a right tibial fracture. I was brought to Ortho-One after receiving first aid at a local medical facility. I was in sheer pain, fear and shock until Dr. Santosh Sahanand examined me, and ordered an x-ray. He explained my need for an internal fixation of the fracture. He assured that I would do well after surgery.

I underwent surgery the same day, was hospitalized for 3 days.  All staff members in the hospital treated me with utmost care and comforted me. I was advised bed rest for the next 8 weeks.  I was really apprehensive if I could ever walk normally again. My doctor addressed all my concerns patiently.  Physiotherapists taught me knee strengthening exercises, motivated me to endure pain.  Though I had some restricted flexion, I trained harder for almost 1 year. To test myself, I registered for Everest Base Camp trek and trained myself.  On April 2016, I attended Everest Base Camp trek and summitted “Kalapathar” (18,510 feet) successfully and recently “Annapurna Base Camp” in May 2019.  My trekking journey continues.

One of my proud moments was when I won the “Trek Leader’s Award” by “India Hikes”.  I want to thank Dr. Santosh for his medical expertise, and hospitality.  He is one of the very few people behind my successful treks.  I wish him good luck and more success in his profession!

Tallest Basketball Player

Ms. Poonam Chaturvedi is one of the tallest International Basketball Players @ 6ft 11 inches. She visited Ortho-One for a Fitness Evaluation & Exercise Prescription. She had undergone surgery in 2013 for brain tumor. Due to her height, she was able to excel in basketball. However, as she had issues regarding fitness she was selected by various coaches to use only her height to shoot.

Her current coach, Satprat Nayak from Eastern Railways, Kolkata, wanted to know if anything else could be done to help her. With this intent he brought her to Ortho-One.

Mr.Ganesan, HOD of the Physiotherapy Department evaluated her and prescribed an exercise program for 3 Months and gave a road map for a year. Mr. Ganesan said, “She has never had any formal fitness program given to her and everyone has given her the routine program that all players follow. Due to her height, there are challenges in planning the exercise as the equipments do not fit, and if they do fit they have mechanical disadvantage.  We have identified the area to work on and have set goals for her to progress in the manner that can shape her career.  Wishing her the very best”. 

Dr. Yuvarajan enabled me to walk again!!

Recently, Ms.Santosham of Pollachi underwent Knee Replacement Surgery for both her knees under Dr.Yuvarajan at Ortho-One. Having suffered with pain for more than 3 years, which disrupted her daily routine, she is now finding great relief and is able to go for her daily walk, and do her work with ease.

When the pain of the problem becomes greater than the pain of the solution, then it is easier to accept the solution to the problem. This was the case with Ms.Santosham. With support and encouragement from Dr. Yuvarajan and his team, Ms.Santosham felt comfortable to undergo the surgery and physiotherapy.

When she came for her review a month after the surgery she conveyed her heartfelt gratitude and appreciation for Dr.Yuvarajan and all the team from Ortho-One.

Dr. Santosh enabled me to hit my hat-trick!

Mr. Sandeep Raju is a National Motor Cycle Racer from Hyderabad. He recently fell and injured his collar bone while he was on track.

He says, “I am a two-time Champion under the 17-18 Category and my aim is to hit the hat-trick.  I fell down on track four days before the race. I was completely depressed.  I was under the impression that I will not be able to take part in the race.  My coach immediately took me to Ortho-One.

Dr. Santosh Sahanand diagnosed my medical condition and stated that I had injured my collar bone and advised me to undergo surgery.  I immediately accepted it as I had to participate in the race. I underwent surgery and the doctor also permitted me to take part in this race, 3 days after the surgery.

I did take part, won the race and hit the hat-trick. Thanks to Dr. Santosh and the well-organized team. I will always be thankful to Ortho-One.”

Mr.Dayalan from Karur shares the story of his experience

75 year old Mr.Dayalan had suffered from knee pain for the past 8 years. He had tried various treatments like homeopathy, Siddha, Ayurveda and Allopathy, but to no avail.

One day he heard about Ortho-One and decided to get information from the internet.

His appointment was fixed with Dr.Shyam Sundar and he examined him and found that he needed TKR for both his knees.

Mr. Dayalan says "I was admitted on 19th March and underwent the first surgery on 20th March.  The second surgery was done on 23rd. I am very happy that I selected Ortho-One. Dr. Shyam Sundar is highly educated, energetic and kind hearted. I will remember him till my final breath.  Staff nurses did their duty in a sincere way with a smiling face.

I am very thankful to Ortho-One".

Mr. Dayalan now is able to climb a few steps without any difficulty. He says that this was something he couldn't do for many years and is happy that he is well on the road to recovery and normalcy.

A big thanks to Ortho-One says Mr. Sivasami

62 year old Mr.Sivasami from Sathyamangalam is an Agriculturalist. A year and a half back, while driving his two wheeler, he had a fall and sustained severe injury in his legs.
He was rushed to a nearby hospital. He experienced excruciating pain, and the treatment given at the hospital gave relief to a great extent. Injections and medicines were given for 3 days. After 3 days the pain returned. The same medication was given him again at the hospital. While he had the medication he was pain free. But the pain returned once the medication was over. This continued for a while, with no sign of relief from pain, and inability to walk.
The limping worsened and no medication was helpful. Both his legs were twisted outwardly, and the situation became worse.
At this juncture he heard about Ortho-One from his friends and relatives. At Ortho-One Dr.Shyam diagnosed the problem and advised surgery. "Initially I was not happy, that I had to undergo surgery, but Dr Shyam instilled confidence in me", says Mr Sivasami.
"The surgery on my left leg was done first, and ten days later on the right leg. I never expected to walk again, but by God`s grace I am well and able to walk normally. A big thanks to Ortho-One and may God bless the doctors and the team at Ortho-One", said Mr Sivasami.

Mrs. Janan Jabar

I’m Janan Jabar from Iraq, 42 years old.  I have been suffering from severe shoulder pain since 2014. I consulted nearly 3 - 4 doctors and no one could give a solution to my problem. I was worried and one of my friends referred me to Ortho-One. I was initially a little hesitant, but I finally made up my mind to travel to India as I somehow wanted to get relieved from my pain.

I consulted Dr. Shyam Sundar, an Amazing Doctor. He did few tests and advised me to undergo Shoulder Surgery. With the confidence and support he gave, I underwent the surgery.  I was hospitalised for only 4 days and was very much relieved from my pain. I really thank Dr. Shyam for giving me a pain-free Shoulder. The hospital Ambience, Food, and all the Staff members were amazing. I had a very good experience and I would definitely recommend Ortho-One to all my friends and family”.

Sumit Agarwal

I am Sumit Agarwal, working as an IT Engineer in Delhi. I had a posterior dislocation of my shoulder joint due to Epilepsy. Initially, I underwent a closed reduction surgery in Gurgaon.  However after 21 days, during a routine check-up, it was brought to my attention that the surgery was not properly performed. After this news, I met several Doctors from both Private and Government Hospitals in Delhi and NCR.  However, none of them gave me any satisfactory response.  In the meantime I heard about Dr. Karthik, a shoulder specialist from Ortho-One.  His name was suggested to me from a friend living in Delhi.  So finally I had Dr. Karthik perform an open reduction surgery.  He is an expert in this field and the surgery was a grand success. He also boosted my morale.

The Physio department plays a significant role in this hospital. All are experts in their subjects and full of knowledge. They are well mannered, polite and listen to patients in a calm manner.  After proper examination of my shoulder as per the requirement they advised me to do specific exercises. Under the guidance of Mr. K. Ganesan (HOD) there has been a great improvement in my shoulder movements within five days. I am so thankful to all of them

Mr. Mohamed Imran

Thank You Doctor for your kind help and I will never forget you. I scored 2 goals after the operation and I remember the word that you said to me “Score a goal like Chilavert” and I did it twice. Mohamed Imran, Goalkeeper, Maldives Football team.

Bipin Krishna.T

Since childhood, I’ve been actively involved in Sports with a special interest in Racquet Sport. Badminton, Tennis and Squash. I achieved a certain proficiency level thus making a mark in the local community. My passion for these games became an integral part of my daily life. Further more, I was nominated as Captain for the College Badminton Team for 3 years, and represented Bangalore University in the Inter-University Tennis Tournaments in 1990-91, at Chennai.

Sports and outdoor activity was an integral part of my professional requirements. This enabled me to follow my passion in sports thereby representing my Company in competitions. In 2005, I was training for an event when I had an accident on the Badminton court, where my right leg had a Posterior Cruciate Ligament snap. One end of it was detached completely and freely mobile leading to excruciating pain. The thought that my “gaming” life is at jeopardy was more traumatizing.

I was rushed to consult the best in Sports Medicine, Dr. David V Rajan. The Orthopaedic Clinic is now called as Ortho One Speciality Clinic in Coimbatore. He was very pragmatic in his diagnosis. He said surgery was not warranted and that the ligament would fuse back in time. However, this fusion would be weak and will not support vigorous use of the knee, like sports, etc. When asked if I can get back to sports after surgery, Dr. Rajan gave an affirmation which prompted me to go in for surgery. Key-hole surgery was a rarity those days. A graft from ACL was implanted and fastened with Titanium screws. I was back on the road to recovery in 3 days with physiotherapy and exercises. I started activity in 4 months and was back to competitive sports in 6 months.

When I was promised 100% return to normalcy, I was sceptical. However, time proved my scepticism unwarranted. Life in the sporting arena has never been better.

My professional journey has led me to Singapore where I pursued my sports. In the process, I’ve been able to make an impact. I’ve reached a stage where I can’t imagine life without these activities. I always look back on the ‘miracle’ cure that was done on me by Dr. David V. Rajan.

Some of my friends find it hard to be convinced that I had Titanium implanted in my knees. There are some intangible factors of the cure that helps me with my daily life. It has played a pivotal role in building my self-confidence with improved self-esteem and helped me in team building.

As time goes by, my gratitude for Dr. David V. Rajan, who is now the leading surgeon at Ortho One, Coimbatore has grown not just for conducting the surgery successfully on me, but giving me the needed confidence during my difficult journey.


Mr.E.G.Silas the Vice-Chancellor of Kerala Agricultural University says, My Wife Saradha was admitted to her brother Dr.Morris's Hospital in Nagerkoil on August 25th as she could get nursing care as well as continue physiotherapy as suggested by Dr.David Rajan.

Your very presence and grateful demeanour infuses confidence. The 15 days I spent at Ortho-One showed me how excellence in hospital management and patient confidence can be attained. I have yet to see a hospital in India where so much effort is expended on cleanliness, and excellent staff-patient interaction. Mrs. Aleyamma Mammen keeps moving invisible, but at the same time set things in order in a benign manner
A word of praise for the HOD physiotherapy and his team Dr. Ganesan could enthuse a patient to perform by his voice and action. He has an excellent team and kudos to the trinity who were so focused and consistent in their efforts to improve their quality of life of Saradha. Third line physiotherapist Elizabeth K.Joy and her juniors were other persons who encouraged her to perform. Whether day or night, the nursing staffs and the attendants were so helpful to see Sharadha was well taken care of and comfortable, visiting and doing chores even at odd time. I must particularly mention the dietician who came enquiring daily about the food needs which were supplied accordingly without diminishing nutritional values.

Ms.Gayathry Govindaraj

I, Gayathry Govindaraj, International Athlete represented country more than 12 times, won Asian junior, South Asian games, Common Wealth Youth Games medals etc., National Junior record holder in 100 hurdles and Triple jump, after commonwealth games 2010, I was suffering from knee injury, after consultation with Dr. David Rajan it was diagnosed that I had been suffered by patella tendinitis (jumpers knee) and suggested for arthroscopy.

I have under gone arthroscopic surgery by Dr. David Rajan, after a brief rehabilitation I was able to do my regular athletic activities and also won the National title in 100 hurdles and was able to represent the country again in Asian meet. I am happy to extend my sincere and heartfelt thanks to Dr. David Rajan, who made me run and follow my dreams once again.

Foreign Body Removal

A 24 year old gentleman is working as a machine operator in a textile company. Unable to bear the pain and having difficulties while walking, He approached a local doctor complaining as something pricked his toe while working. The doctor diagnosed him and gave few Antibiotics and few pain killers. As the pain did not subside, he walked in to Ortho-One with few references and consulted Dr. B. Vidya Sagar – Foot and Ankle Surgeon. He was asked to take scan. The doctor found out that was a long stick and was advised to undergo a surgery immediately.

As per the advice, the patient underwent the surgery and the foreign body was removed and he was relived from pain. The patient was back to normal after 10 days.

Colonel Govindhan Nambiar

I, Colonel Govindhan Nambiar aged 69 ha​ve​ served ​the​ Military for 35 successful years. I have been suffering from shoulder pain for the past 40 years. I get this pain frequently. I​ have​ visited many doctors and none were able to give a proper ​diagnosis​ for my pain. I happened to meet Dr. Pradeep ​back ​at my place- Kannur​.​ ​H​e ​recommended and ​referred me to Dr.David V.Rajan for a treatment. I got in touch with Dr.David V.Rajan​ with the information from the website​. He advised me to go for a  MRI and CT Scan. He suggested a surgery as my right shoulder was dislocated and he said that this can be fixed. I was admitted on Nov 6th and I underwent a surgery on Nov 7th. I am ​throughly​ satisfied and all the staff here treated us well. The doctors came ​on rounds​ twice a day with all smiles and positive approach.​ All the energy and dedication helped me cope post surgery and gain confidence that I can live the rest of my life pain free.​ I am very thankfull to Dr.David V.Rajan and to his team

Mr.Ahmed Shahir

The National Football Team Manager Mr.Ahmed Shahir from Maldives says, I played Football between 1989-2003. During my career I have come across many players with Knee Injuries and Ligament Tear. Maldives does not have proper Medical facilities like India. I came to know about Ortho-One from Dr.Shakeeb who is the Doctor and physiotherapist of Maldives Football Team.

Mr. Ahmed Shahir has formed " Club Lagoons", a foot ball club near the beach area. Fearing extensive surgical treatment recommended by other doctors, he flew down to India to consult with Dr.David Rajan for his daughter's Knee pain. For his relief,  he found out that the knee pain can be cured with some effective regular exercise.

A long time back, one of my best players Mr. Yousuf Azeem had a knee injury and was operated by Dr.David Rajan. Post surgery, he was able to perform the same way as he used to play. He had good strength and Stamina and performed well with better results. He was one of the fastest players in the team. He is currently in his 40's and going strong as Physical Education Teacher.

Mr. Mohammed Imran(Maldives-Football Team Goal Keeper) was also operated by Dr.David V Rajan . He has recovered completely and has proved to the best goal keeper we have had till now.

Time and again Dr.David Rajan has instilled my faith in him and confidence on his abilities are undeterred. I would recommend all my Team players to Ortho-One.

Mr. Ahmed Shahir also proudly adds that he is one of the founder of India & Maldives Friendship Association. The High Commission of India has awarded him for this act. He is currently the Match Commissioner of AFC and FIFA.

Mr. Linus Widman

Mr. Linus Widman aged 21 states, “I had come down from Germany for a retreat. I was suffering from spine problem for almost three weeks and the pain was gradually increasing. One of my friends referred me to Ortho-One, and I was diagnosed and treated by Dr.Sreeramalingam – Spine Surgeon. He was very friendly, attentive and he has suggested me to do few exercises and he has also prescribed few medicines. He also suggested few sleeping postures and to avoid some postures on a daily routine. Ortho-One has a very good, clean environment and good patient care support.”

“I can play Basketball again”, says Maanasa

Maanasa studying in the 5th grade is from Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. She visited Ortho-One with severe pain in her left knee. One of her friends pushed her down while playing basketball at school where she was injured. Initially, she consulted a Doctor near her location to get rid of her pain where she was given pain killers. Unfortunately, the pain killers did not help her in the long run and it became severe. Her parents consulted an Orthopaedician near their vicinity and was advised to take an MRI and she was advised to undergo surgery as early as possible.

She was referred to Ortho-One by one of her relatives. Dr. David V. Rajan (Arthroscopic, Knee and Shoulder Specialist) diagnosed her and she was advised to undergo an Arthroscopic Surgery. She was admitted on 29th August and the surgery was done the next day.
Maanasa says, “I was scared in the beginning but David uncle was very caring and he was friendly to me. I did not know the operation was this easy. Thanks to David Uncle”
Maanasa’s parents were very happy. They are relieved that their child will be able to walk, jump and run around again.

Mrs. Anu Peshawaria

Mrs. Anu Peshawaria says, “I  am   a  Former  India’s  No.   1 Women’s Tennis Champion and Wimbledon Tennis Player. I have won numerous tournaments all over US, Canada and England. I am still a licensed Master Tennis Pro in The United States, and I teach tennis coaches how to prepare young tennis champions.  Currently I am a lawyer in California.
I was suffering from serious knee degeneration due to overuse of my knees during my younger years and strenuous matches. I came to India and had a sudden injury and underwent Arthroscopy under Dr Rajan’s able hands. I am extremely impressed with the personalized care, facilities and the expertise of Doctors and Nursing Staff at Ortho-One. I think a lot of sportsmen and women should look at the options Dr. Rajan has to offer before they give up on their sports activities as many times Ortho-One can become a boon for them.

This is my personal observation, and I am not advertising for Dr. David Rajan. I sincerely hope there are more Doctors like him in India. What endears me to him   is   his  simplicity   and   compassion.   If  we   have   more   Doctors  like   him, sportsmen and women would have stronger and healthier joints, to be able to bring laurels for India, as India will always be my mother (i.e.) my country of birth.   I wish him and his team at Ortho-One all the best! If you have any questions about his expertise or need a referral to him, please do not hesitate to   contact   me. I   shall   be   happy   to   speak   with   you.   I   can   be   reached   at or”

Mrs. Jayanthi

"I am able to walk and I am pain free” says Mrs. Jayanthi.

I am Mrs. Jayanthi, 61 years old. I hail from Salem. I had pain in my right knee for nearly 6 years and I consulted many Doctors near my vicinity. The medicines and treatment did not give me complete cure. When I was suffering from pain, I came to know about Ortho-One through my family members. I consulted Dr. Santosh Sahanand who is a man of kindness. He went through my reports and I was advised for a Knee Replacement Surgery. With the support of my family and friends, I was admitted in the Hospital and was operated on 13thDecember. I was discharged from the Hospital after three days. The cleanliness of the Hospital and the ambience is extraordinary. The nursing staff were of great support. The food served was hot and was on time. The Doctor came for rounds twice a day and I felt home.

The timely treatment saved me and with the support of a walker, I am able to walk now. My heartfelt thanks to the Doctors and all the staff members of Ortho-One."


I am Bikash Tamang 16 years and studying in Pelkhil School, Bhutan. I am a National Judo player. While I was playing my opponent pushed me and I had a bad fall. Unable to bear the pain I was taken to a nearby hospital. The doctor diagnosed and said that I will have to undergo surgery. In the meantime I was on pain killers and through a reference I flew to Ortho-One, India.

I was thoroughly diagnosed by Dr. David Rajan and he said that I had torn my ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament). I was admitted on 14th March and underwent a surgery on my right knee. The doctor was so gentle, polite and down to earth. I was so happy that I was treated by him. The doctor came for rounds twice daily. The rooms and environment were so clean. The food provided was on time. The house keeping department were so helpful.
I was discharged on 16th March and the discharge process was so simple. Now it is almost 10 days after my surgery and I am able to walk with the support of crutches. I am very happy that I am able to walk without pain. My heartfelt thanks to Dr. David Rajan and all the nurses at Ortho-One.


I am Farzan, 22 years and I work in Bangalore. I had knee pain and I was referred to Ortho-One by my friends. I was diagnosed by Dr. David Rajan and he advised me to undergo a surgery as I had torn my meniscus. I was in the hospital for 3 days for my treatment. The hospital was very clean and the room was cleaned two to three times a day.

I would definitely recommend Ortho-One to my family and friends.


My name is Aruchamy and I am 66 years old, living in Chennai. A year ago, I was driving and was hit by a car. Unable to move, I was rushed to a nearby hospital. I underwent surgery on my right hip. After a few months, I felt terrible pain and had to go through another surgery on my right hip. However, even then, the operation was unsuccessful. Unfortunately another surgery was repeated and to my shock and disappointment it was a failure once again. I completely lost hope.

Then finally, I was referred to Ortho-One by one of my friends. Dr. Yuvarajan diagnosed me and was advised corrective surgery. I was in the hospital for about a week. The surgery was successful and now I am back to my normal day to day activities. I thank Dr. Yuvarajan and Ortho-One for enabling me to live my pain free life again.

Mr.Vijay Vasanth

I am Vijay Vasanth. I was in Ooty for a shooting and had to do a jumping stunt when I lost my balance and fell down. I had terrible knee pain and knew that I had injured my knee very badly. I was rushed to Ortho-One Coonoor for treatment. Dr. Gopinath examined me and confirmed that it was a multiple dislocation.

I was immediately taken to Ortho-One Coimbatore as I had to undergo surgery for the same. When I arrived in Coimbatore, everything was ready as the staff in Coonoor had cascaded the information to the Coimbatore Centre. I was taken to the Operation Theatre and surgery was carried out successfully by Dr. Vidya Sagar. I was in the hospital for a period of 5 days. Help and assistance was offered at the right time without any hesitation by all the staff members. A very big thanks to Dr. David Rajan and Dr. Vidya Sagar who diagnosed me at the right time.

I can make garlands on my own, says Mrs. Jayalakshmi

“I am Mrs. Jayalakshmi  from Salem and I am 78 years old. I am very religious and always believe that I live only by the grace and love of God. I visit the temple everyday and enjoy making garlands from the beautiful flowers in my garden. I take the garlands to the temple to offer it to my God.

On that particular day, though it was raining I went to pick the beautiful and bright flowers. As I went near the plants to pick these beautiful flowers, I missed a step, lost my balance and fell down. I experienced severe pain in my left shoulder and  knew that I was badly hurt. My family took me to a nearby hospital and found out that I had fractured my left shoulder.

With references from my family and friends, I visited Ortho-One with immense pain in my shoulder. Dr. Shyam Sundar attended to my case and advised me to undergo surgery.

Considering my age, I was very scared to undergo surgery. But Dr. Shyam assured me that my age is not a problem. He extended his full support and gave me the confidence to face the surgery. The surgery went on well and now I am happy that I can visit the temple again and make garlands on my own.

Mr. Atul Thakur

I am Atul Thakur and I had injured my right knee on 5th of May while playing cricket. After my visit to Ortho-one I was instructed by Emergency ward Doctor to undergo a MRI scan , which concluded that I had a complete ACL tear in my right knee. I was recommended to undergo a prehab before undergoing a surgery. Post prehab, by gods grace I could get an appointment fixed with Dr.David Rajan who is one of the finest and a Pioneer in Arthroscopy. I was admitted and operated on the 16th May and discharged on 18th May.

I was one of the lucky ones who experienced the best treatment under the finest team. The experience right from the admission to discharge was Excellent and comfortable. Post treatment services, doctors visit, physiotherapy sessions and diet counselling were equally good and satisfactory. I would like to thank the management who has taken commendable efforts in ensuring the hygiene, safety and the security of the hospital.
A motherly care was what I experienced during my treatment at the Hospital. Professional doctors and caring staff is the hallmark of Ortho-one. Highly recommended for Orthopedic Treatment. Best regards and wishes to the entire team.     Special Thanks to Mr. Prithveen Rajan for ensuring the treatment within the timeframe.

Mr. Aravind Varma

I am Aravind Varma 19 years old, from Andhra Pradesh. I have been playing Basketball for the past 4 years. Recently I participated in the State level Competition held in Orissa. As I was about to shoot a goal during the match, I jumped and landed on my opponent’s leg. Unfortunately, my left knee got twisted and I fell down. I knew something had happened to my Knee.

My Uncle referred me to Ortho-One as it is the No.1 hospital for Sports Injury in India. Dr. Santosh Sahanand diagnosed me and I was asked to undergo a surgery as I had torn my ligament. I underwent ACL reconstruction surgery and was in the hospital for about 5 days. The hospital is too good. All the things were systematically organized and I would recommend Ortho-One to my family and friends.
I am now able to walk and do my daily activities on my own. After 3 months of physiotherapy and proper rest, I will be able to participate in the tournaments.


I’m Shanthi, 45 years old, from Karur. I have been suffering from severe back pain for the past one year. I had consulted many Spine Specialists near my vicinity and none could give a solution to my problem. Due to my back pain, I could not handle my day to day activities. I was unable to even travel anywhere. Moreover, I could not sit for long durations. With the reference of my family and friends, I visited Ortho-One. Dr. Sreeramalingam, Spine Surgeon diagnosed my condition and advised me to undergo a surgery. He gave me all the confidence I needed as I underwent surgery. I was in the hospital for a period of 5 days and now I am able to sit.
This Doctor came on rounds twice a day and nurses were easily available. The Hospital environment and services were good.


Nithyadharshini, aged 11 is a State Level Athlete studying Grade 7 at Kotagiri Public School. Besides being an Athlete, she is a National Level Karate Champion. Recently, she participated in the 5 km Marathon and injured her left knee.

Nithyadharshini says “I love being on the ground and I was depressed when I got injured. One of my aunts referred me to Ortho-One.  I was limping when I came here and  now I am back to my routines.".

Mr.Ganesan (Physio HOD) says, "Ms. Nithyadharshini was sent to Physiotherapy by Dr. Santhosh Sahanand asking us to work on her knee range of motion, When we evaluated her, she was very apprehensive of bending her knee due to fear of pain. Ms. Jency & I  put her on muscle activation and reciprocal activation program to overcome the pain apprehension. Hamstring Activation with Slider & Swiss Ball Exercise helped her knee range of motion which was done in the same session after which she was able to comfortably walk back home. She was given a simple home program to maintain the range for the next day."

Ms. Aarthi

Aarthi, aged 18 is a National level Bronze Medallist, and a UG student at Womens Christian College, Chennai.
She recently participated in a Junior National Meet on Nov 12th, 2016 (Saturday) @ Nehru Stadium, Coimbatore. Unfortunately, she injured her leg while on track. Unable to bear the pain, with the help of her friends and seniors reference, she came to Ortho-One for treatment. The Doctors diagnosed her and she had to undergo the surgery the same day as her Tibia bone was fractured.
She says “It was like a Home Away from Home Experience. I was taken to the Operation Theatre and the surgery was for about 2 and a half hours. I was watching a cartoon and I did not even feel the operation was going on. I was shifted to the ward and the Doctors and Nurses were very friendly and I was very comfortable. The Hospital atmosphere was very good and the room was cleaned thrice a day. The Doctors motivated me. I am now able to even walk without crutches. Thanks to the Doctor who gave me a new hope to be in the field again”.

Mrs. SubbuLakshmi

One of our patient’s, Mrs. SubbuLakshmi says,

“I am Mrs. Subbulakshmi, and I am 72 years old. I was travelling in a car and unfortunately the car tyre got flat and I had a sudden jerk. I had severe pain in my hip and I was taken to Ortho-One by my family members. The Doctors diagnosed me and I was advised to undergo a surgery as my hip on the right side was fractured. I was very nervous and I came to a conclusion that I won’t live any more. Dr. Karthik Selvaraj took utmost care and I am fine now.

The nurses were very friendly and patient. The ambience of the Hospital is very pleasant and I felt very comfortable during my stay there. The food also tasted very good and it was served at the right time. I thank Ortho-One for extending the days of my life.”

Mrs. Padmavathy

I am Mrs. Padmavathy and I am a home maker. I had an extra growth on my forehead for 10 years. I had consulted many physicians and I was told that they will not be able to remove the extra growth. I was referred to Ortho-One by one of my friends who had a good report of this Hospital. So I came here and consulted Dr. Karthik M. Selvraj. He diagnosed me and said that this was an easy process. I was admitted on December 23, 2016 (Friday) and on the same day, the Arthroscopic Surgery was carried out to remove the extra growth. I was discharged on December24th (Saturday). The surgery was pain free and all my friends and family members were really surprised to see it disappear. There were no scar marks whatsoever and it seemed like there was no trace of surgery being done. My experience with Ortho-One will be rated as Excellent. Post operation, I did not consume any pain killers or tablets and I am back to normal. I would like to express my thanks to the Doctor who treated me.


Sowmya, studying in CS Academy (8th Grade) is a budding Athlete who recently visited us with recurrent hamstring problem. However, Traditional Rehab Programs were of no avail. She continued to have pain and difficulty during her training.
Her primary fault was in the core strength exercises which did not cater to the requirements of her sports activity.  Moreover, Sowmya was unable to find any good Training Center near her vicinity to continue her Exercise Training.
She eventually enrolled with Ortho-One for the sports specific training program and was trained under the guidance of Physiotherapists, K. Ganesan & Earnest Paul. She was given Pain Management Program for 2 weeks by Advance Electro Modalities and Taping. This was followed by a Muscle Length Restoration Program with Eccentric Lengthening Mild Stretch.
Her parents are very supportive of her sports and were impressed by our services for her Sports Career. We wish her the very best!

Ms. Sangeetha Jairam

I, Ms. Sangeetha Jairam have always been a sports person and enjoy outdoors.  I am a passionate motorcyclist and have ridden across India and many parts of the world from Africa to Australia. While I was on a ride in Spiti Valley, Himachal Pradesh, in 2011 - I had an accidental fall off the bike and snapped the ACL in my knee.  It was obvious that I would have to undergo surgery. I knew then and there - that I would only consult one surgeon.  I flew back from Leh, took an appointment with Ortho-One to meet Dr David Rajan.

I have several friends, who are Sportsmen and they all refer to Dr. Rajan. All of them have had serious knee injuries, and they all came to the same place, i.e. Ortho-One and the same surgeon, Dr. David Rajan. All of them are back to being perfectly normal. 

The surgery went on smoothly, followed by 2 months of intense physiotherapy and after 6 months I was back on the bike. I went back to Spiti Valley in 2012 and completed the ride that I could not complete. I went to ride the Pamir Highway (part of the old Silk Route) in Tajikistan, 2013. I followed this up by riding through Masai Mara, Kenya in 2014 and then in Australia in 2015.

All thanks to the excellent care and after-care that I received at Ortho-One from the reception, to Doctor and Nursing Care. Adding to that, the discipline, impeccable hygiene, clean rooms and food - there is no place like Ortho-One.

Recently, I came for a check up for back pain and had an excellent physiotherapy session with Dr. Ganesh of the Physiotherapy Centre at Ortho-One. It was a wonderful experience to be treated with such care and professionalism.

A big thanks to Ortho-One, once again.

Mrs. Prema

“I am Mrs. Prema and I am 74 years old. Since, I am a home maker, I had to take care of the daily chores which I was not able to do at my ease, as I was suffering from severe Knee Pain for 10 years. I had consulted many Doctors earlier and I could not get rid of the pain in spite of consuming several medications. Then, I finally came to hear about Ortho-One through my relative and consulted Dr. Karthik Selvaraj who is a man of kindness and simplicity. He diagnosed me and advised a surgery. I was quite reluctant to undergo a surgery in the beginning considering my age.

However, with the courage given by my family members and Doctor, I underwent the Total Knee Replacement Surgery. The services of the nurses are excellent and they are all well trained and professional. The cleanliness and ambience is as equal to the Hospitals Abroad.
Now it is almost a month and post surgery I am able to walk and climb stairs without crutches. I am relieved from my pain completely. Thanks to the Doctor who gave me complete cure and care”.


Mr. Yoganath says, “It is a little over a year since I came to Ortho-One, unable to walk, with severe pain in my glutes and lower back. It was a condition that developed gradually over a 3 year period and had virtually crippled me. Over the last year, progress has been slow and I was not fully out of it yet, but have made considerable progress. Today, I am playing Tennis regularly and I am able to go about my daily work schedule with confidence. Thanks to Ortho-One. In the process, I have lost about 3 kgs and am fit now, at 47, than when I was at 35!” He adds saying, “ I look forward to my association with you in the coming months and years.”

Mr. Ganesan, HOD of Physiotherapy Dept states, “Mr. Yoganath needed a specific rehab to address his problem. Kinetic chain is a term used to address the muscular system which is linked together structurally and functionally. Any issue in the chain can cause the entire chain to become an issue. Identifying the problem area in the chain and training the chain was the key in resolving his problem. In about 3 months time, we were able to help him back on the court for playing and now a year later his fitness, health, lifestyle has improved and makes him feel much younger. The best compliment we got was that he felt fit like he was 10 years younger now. We are proud to have him back on the court and to see him live a quality life”

Mr. T.Periyasamy

Mr. T.Periyasamy says,​" ​My wife Uma was treated for her ACL Mucoid degeneration problem in her ​r​ight ​k​nee. My wife and I are very satisfied. We feel that the quality of treatment and surgery done by Dr.David V.​ Rajan was excellent.​"​Right from consultation, we were given exceptional service​​ and diagnosis.​ People of ​Tamil Nadu are blessed ​to have such​ exception​al​ surgeon like Dr.David V.​ ​Rajan ​and ​his service to mankind. All the assistant doctors were​ patient​ with us and clearly​ explained ​​pre and post treatments.​ ​The physiotherapy department also rendered ​dedicated service. I would ​highly recommend Ortho One for people suffering from Knee and Shoulder problem​s​. The Insurance team was very helpful and proactive in getting relevant documents for the insurance claim.  At Ortho one, It is not only the doctors and the Physio department that provide Immaculate service, the care and sincerity is shown in​ every department​ which​ caters​ to ​every ​patient's need. ​The Nursing team provided 24 hours service and were by our side when needed.​ Their nursing care made us feel comfortable.The House keeping team help​ed ​us as well ​by cleaning the room regularly​ and providing a pleasant and welcoming stay while my wife recuperated. Patients who are admitted with severe stress and T​rauma are well counselled and pacified by the right team of Doctors, Physiotherapist and Nurs​es​.

Kudos to Ortho One Team.

Mr. Samuel K S

''I also under went a ACL reconstruction here at ortho one and I must say that I wasnt sent back with regret. A great package. My father was looking into very many options, but Ortho one proved every other hospital wrong.It doesnt seem like a hospital, more or less like a 5 star hotel, and the team of doctors, best in their class, highly educated from various countries I suppose, and they indeed are technologically very advanced in terms of the speciality hospital.I will definately give a 10/10 for this hospital.Last but not the least, Dr.David rajan.I was recommended by many doctors, since I had torn my ligament many a times and all the doctors I had been to, told me that I had to get it operated, and from every doctor I heard the name Dr. David Rajan, and after that I understood that he was the pioneer in the arthroscopic surgery and one of the best in the country!! Keep up the great work Dr.David Rajan and his team.''

Mr. Nithil Jacob, Kerala

''Overall, its a wonderful hospital. The best about this hospital is the  doctors. Dedicated doctors, wonderful Nurses, Good staff, Ortho One is the best!''

Mr.Abdulla Riyaz

''I have visited several countries like USA,UK,Srilanka, Singapore, India, etc. , I have noticed that the BEST hospital is Ortho One. Is because of the facilities, doctors, nurses and all staff. All are very helpful and very kind and also the hospital was very clean.''


Mr. Suhail Chandhok, Chennai

''A Big Thank you to Dr.David V Rajan and his team of doctors for the great care and treatment.Also to the Physio department who has been great.Overall great experience with extremely friendly staff member who have made my stay more pleasant.''

Dr. Ashwin Ramakrishnan, Kerala

''A “Big Thank You” to Dr. DVR and his team of doctors for the excellent care and support. Your dedication and willingness makes”ORTHO ONE” a special place'


Mr. Aman, Chennai

''The doctors were very polite and soft  speaking. Keep it up and I pray god to expand ortho one hospital to open verywhere in India. Dr. DVR sir is God. Many thanks to doctors Sahanand, Ashwin and Bobur''

Mrs. Mary Grace, Coimbatore

''Everything is well planned,excellent and good because of experienced doctors.''

Mr. Gulshan A Vagh, Coimbatore

''We really appreciate the efforts made by your staff to make our stay in your hospital real comfortable.Thank you.''

Mr. Kughan, Pondicherry

''Very good service. Each and everything is fit and perfect like the boss(Dr. David V Rajan). Thanks for everything to staffs and doctors.''

Mr. Harish, Coimbatore

''Infrastructure of hospital is so good and the patients are treated with care and affection. Overall it is the best hospital and reasonable too.''

Dr. Anburaj Nesan, Vellore

''Everything 100% satisfactory. Very Happy To Get surgeon like Dr. David V Rajan. My Sincere thanks to Senior Anaesthesiologist who gave me a very comfortable anaesthesia & post op pain management. Overall I have become a great admirer of Ortho One hospital -post op physiotherapy very good.

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