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Shoulder Clinic

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Shoulder Clinic

The Shoulder Clinic aims at giving a one stop care for all shoulder related problems. Most shoulder problems do not require surgery.

Treatment includes

  • Medications
  • Properly directed exercise
  • Physical therapy program
  • Modifications in day-to-day activities when required.

Our specialists are skilled in the latest techniques of Arthroscopic Surgery, Joint Replacement Surgery and Fracture Fixation. They are supported by an excellent team of well trained physiotherapists.

The Services Provided are

  • Comprehensive Shoulder Evaluation
  • Physiotherapy and Evaluation
  • Key Hole Surgery (Arthroscopy) to treat dislocations
  • Treatment for rotator cuff problems
  • Total and partial shoulder replacements
  • Treatment for shoulder problems in athletes and sports persons
  • Fractures and complications of fracture care

When Should you Approach

  • Fallen down and sustained a fracture
  • Repeated shoulder dislocations
  • Pain in the shoulder while exercising
  • Pain in the shoulder after exercising
  • Hear noises while moving your shoulder
  • Pain while raising your arm
  • Pain when you touch the opposite shoulder
  • Difficulty sleeping due to shoulder pain
  • Pain doing all the shoulder movements
  • After you slipped you are unable to raise your arm
  • A stiff shoulder

Authored By : DR. DAVID V RAJAN

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