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Calcaneovalgus Foot

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Calcaneovalgus Foot

This is a one of the most common foot deformities in children (problem with the shape of the foot) wherein the foot points upward and outward. In extreme cases, the top of the foot touches the front of the lower leg. The condition is congenital, meaning your child was born with it. It may affect one or both feet. Calcaneovalgus causes the baby no pain, and often goes away on its own.

Signs and Symptoms

This foot defect, present at birth has no symptoms.

  • The foot is markedly dorsiflexed, with the dorsum of the foot resting against the anterior tibia.
  • The hindfoot is held in valgus and, occasionally, a contracture of the anterior muscles (dorsiflexors) is present.
  • The deformity usually is supple, and the foot can be passively plantarflexed easily.

Causes of Calcaneovalgus

The main cause is thought to be squeezing of the foot due to the child’s being “packed” in the uterus during the last few months of pregnancy. Calcaneovalgus runs in families, and more girls than boys have it.

How Is Calcaneovalgus Foot Diagnosed?

Calcaneovalgus is easily found by looking at the foot when the child is born. The doctor will rule out other congenital deformities of the foot.

Authored By : DR. DAVID V RAJAN

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