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Short term observership (two weeks) is available for those who want to get an introduction to arthroscopy and as a refresher for those who already do arthroscopy.

Our centre carries out around 1000 knee and shoulder surgeries per year. Services provided in the centre includes arthroscopy, joint replacement, advanced shoulder surgery, paediatric orthopaedics, physiotherapy, mini gym and Dr.S.G Krishnan arthroscopy learning centre. The learning centre is equipped with a library, saw bone models (courtesy karl storz), library and video resource centre.

Our Present Arrangement

Every Tuesday and Thursday 7.30am we have classes for the fellows, physiotherapist and observers. Our centre is associated with G9MD. Every Tuesday and Thursday 5pm various topics on shoulder will be discussed through video conferencing.

We are planning for tie-up with other countries for exchange of ideas and learning and teaching. We welcome young surgeons from other countries like African countries to come and spend 3 months with us as fellows. And these young doctors will have adequate exposure to various orthopaedic surgeries especially arthroscopy and sports medicine. They also will have total exposure for joint replacement surgery.

Policy and Procedure – Dress Code Standards


To require that fellow and observers meet appropriate standards for personal appearance in keeping with the hospital’s need to maintain a therapeutic environment and adhere to principles of safety and infection control.


All doctors are required to maintain high standards of personal appearance. These standards are based upon the need to provide a safe, clean, and therapeutic environment for patients and staff. Through adherence to these standards, hospital staff will portray a positive and professional image to the public and will serve as an appropriate role model for patients.


Hair must be neatly groomed and clean. Long hair may not obstruct vision nor interfere in any way with the type of job duties performed. Hair restraint, i.e., net, may be required when preparing and serving food.

Jewellery and Perfume
Jewellery worn by doctors must be appropriate to the work setting and project a
professional image. Rings must be small enough to allow use of gloves, with no risk of tearing the gloves. Mild scents may be worn in moderation, but should be discontinued if patients or coworkers express a concern.

Clothing worn by doctors must be neat, clean and wrinkle free and must project an image appropriate to a hospital environment.

Clean, comfortable shoes should be worn as appropriate to the work area.

Identification Badges
ID badges stating the doctor’s first name, last name and classification must be visibly worn above the waist. The badge must be present during in patient rounds as well.

Upon completion of fellowship / observership, name badge and safety equipment issued by the hospital to be returned.


Authored By : DR. DAVID V RAJAN

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