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Knee Dislocation

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Knee Dislocation

A knee dislocation occurs when the thigh bone and shin bone lose contact between each other. In other words, a knee dislocation occurs when the bones that form the knee are out of place. If the knee dislocates, it must be reset to proper position or else it is highly dangerous. It can happen with severe falls and other accidents. This is a very common sports injury.

The bones of the knee are held together by strong bands of tissue called ligaments and each ligament plays an important role in holding and stabilizing the knee in a certain position. Knee dislocation occurs when these ligaments go apart. A partial dislocation is commonly referred to as a subluxation. Knee dislocations are rare but can be devastating. They are associated with multi-ligament injuries. After reduction and a period of rehabilitation, singe stage multi-ligament reconstruction is carried out to stabilize the knee. Inappropriate or delayed treatment of a knee dislocation may even result in loss of the leg.

Knee Dislocation Symptoms and Signs

Some of the common signs and symptoms are:

  • An obvious deformity of the knee
  • Extreme pain or swelling after an accident
  • Numbness in the foot
  • No pulse in the foot

Authored By : DR. DAVID V RAJAN

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