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Collateral Ligament Injuries

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Collateral Ligament Injuries

Injury of the Medial Collateral ligament (MCL) which supports the inner aspect of the knee is quite common. MCL injuries are graded according to the severity.

  • Grade I is contusion
  • Grade II is partial tear
  • Grade III is complete rupture

MCL has a good healing potential and surgery is not required. MCL injuries are treated initially by rest, ice compresses and anti-inflammatory medications. Once the pain reduces, the patient is ambulated with non-weight bearing and knee ROM.

The treatment of Lateral Collateral Ligament (LCL) injuries is much more complicated. Usually the LCL is injured along with the neighbouring structures called Posterolateral Complex (PLC). Most often these groups of structures are injured along with ACL or PCL. As this complex is necessary for day to day function of the knee, any laxity in these structures is unacceptable. Repair of the structures gives good results (within 3 - 4 weeks) and delayed cases need reconstruction of these structures. Good PLC function is important for the success of ACL or PCL reconstruction. Any PLC laxity found during ACL or PCL reconstruction is treated by reconstruction. PLC reconstruction has to be done by open surgery only.

Authored By : DR. DAVID V RAJAN

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