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SESICON 2019 (22nd – 24th February, 2019)    Applications are invited for Arthroplasty fellowship - January 2019 session. Send your CV to ortho.one@gmail.com

Dr. K. Santosh Sahanand, MS Ortho, FOR, FSS, FASM.

He had graduated from Madras Medical College, Chennai and obtained Masters in Orthopaedics from Kasturba Medical College, Manipal. He underwent further surgical training in Christian Medical College, Vellore. After gaining experience in trauma surgery, he further specialized in Arthroscopy, trained in ISAKOS Fellowship under Dr. David V. Rajan. He also has fellowships in Sports Science and Orthopaedic Rehab.

His field of interest is Sports Medicine with special interest in Knee and Cartilage surgeries. He is in charge of the Ortho One Prehab Rehab Unit.

An active member of European Society of Knee Surgery & Arthroscopy (ESSKA) and International Cartilage Repair Society (ICRS). Keeps update on current concepts by attending International meetings. He also teaches and updates upcoming arthroscopic surgeons by training fellows and organizes Conferences.


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