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Back Pain

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Back Pain

Every person experiences back pain at some point of their time. This is attributed to the bipedal posture that humans have acquired during evolution. Majority of back pain is due to mechanical reasons which subside by themselves. In the present era poor posture and sedentary life style contribute to these aches. It is very important to rule out other serious conditions if the pain persists for more than a week. Abdomen related problems, urinary tract problems, kidney diseases, cardiac problems, lungs related issues and most importantly in female population, uterine disorders and ovarian cysts can all present with back pain. The one distinguishing factor in all these conditions is that other system related disorders will be present. Fever can also cause back pain.

back pain treatment in tamil nadu


A careful examination of the person concerned is always important to rule out these disorders. A visit to the hospital is suggested if

  • Pain is persistent
  • Night pains
  • Early morning pains
  • Severe pain not allowing to turn in bed
  • Radiation of pain to legs or hand
  • Weight
  • Insidious onset acute pain

Those with severe pain may need to be investigated further to see if there is any serious cause for the pain. We divide these investigations into two sets. The first set consists of basic investigations like blood test and X-ray. These are simple and not expensive. They help to rule out tumours, infections and arthritis like problems. If they show positive results then you may be subjected to further investigations like MRI, CT scan, bone scan etc. depending on the disease suspected. These investigations are very specific and they depend on the condition which needs to be treated for the specific patient.

Spine Rehabilitation Programs

For non-specific back pains, fibromyalgias, posture related problems etc. all the above blood reports will be normal. These patients and for those in software profession and other jobs which demand prolonged sitting we conduct SPINE REHABILITATION PROGRAMS. These are sessions in which patient will be assessed and exercise program will be tailored to their needs and demands. They usually take a month time which patient can attend once in a week or so and graded exercises will be taught by spine physiotherapists.

Back Ache School

Back Ache School is another initiative by our hospital where patients with similar job profile and demands are clubbed together and exercise program taught to them as a group.


Authored By : DR. DAVID V RAJAN

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