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Frozen Shoulder

The shoulder like every joint has a cover or capsule surrounding it. At times, the shoulder capsule thickens and gets inflamed. This condition is called frozen shoulder or peri arthritis of the shoulder or stiff shoulder.

This is usually a self limiting condition. Patients with diabetes or Thyroid pleblem are prone to this problem. When a patient gets this condition, the shoulder is very painful in the initial stages with significant night pain.

Gradually, the shoulder becomes stiff. The pain and stiffness eventually reduce over a time period of 9-12 months. With diabetics, it might take longer.

The management of the problem involves anti-inflammatory medication and gentle exercises in the initial stages. When there is severe night pain, an injection into the shoulder joint might help alleviate the pain.

In occasional cases, if the stiffness does not resolve, arthroscopic treatment would be useful..

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